Looking fashionable during this Ramadan period

 Looking fashionable during this Ramadan period.

The month of Ramadan is significant for its call to spirituality, propriety, and modesty. Islam preaches curbing extravagances during this month as you focus on spiritual reformation and drop all vices. It is however essential to understand that this doesn’t mean you cannot remain fashionable. While for some, a change of wardrobe is in order to meet the required standard of modesty. I’m sure that for most others, you already have all you need to keep slaying in this holy month. So today I’ll be dropping tips to help you stay fashionable during Ramadan.

Head Accessories

This is one sure way to stay in the game this Ramadan. Head accessories have always been a staple of fashion, and they always give you that little extra needed to transform from average into gorgeous. From bejewelled crowns to tiaras, to headpieces, to flowery bands, choosing a perfect head accessory to match your hijab, Al-amira or Shayla is a way to score a perfect ten.

Floral Dress

Nothing emphasizes femininity like a dress on a woman, and florals only add to that feminine allure. And since Ramadan comes during the warmer seasons, when floral dresses become in vogue, this is a straightforward decision! When considering floral dresses, note that the size of the floral print matters. 

Larger prints are better for petite body sizes, while shapely women should go for dresses with smaller prints. For slim to average body sizes, try a balance of small and big prints, and if you are whether it is flattering enough for your body size, just add a trendy scarf or a belt, and you are good to go.

Wide-Leg pants

Here is another piece that will take your Ramadan fashion game up a notch (or two). Wide-leg pants first came into force in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and have regularly made comebacks in the fashion world. One benefit of wide-leg pants is how they flatter the body by giving you an hourglass figure, especially when it is tighter around the hips but flare out at the legs.

Wide-leg pants also make your legs look longer, especially if it’s a high waist pair of pants, and you wear them on heels. The key is to ensure that the pant long enough that it almost touches the ground, even with the heels. With a matching top, your pants will do the talking.

Asymmetrical Top

Asymmetrical tops offer another option for you to slay during Ramadan. Like the name infers, these tops have asymmetric designs on parts like the collar, the hem, and so on. Asymmetrical tops create vertical lines on you when you wear them, which is very flattering. For example, they can help you camouflage your tummy.

Asymmetrical tops are a perfect match for jeans and leggings, and some are worn as a layering piece, as they allow other layers beneath to show.


The caftan is a must-have during this Ramadan. With history as old as the religion itself, caftan has its roots in the middle east but has found a home in every continent and every culture in the present times. Akin to an updated variant of the traditional Abaya, caftan transforms the traditional dress into something more chic, elegant, and trendy.

Combine your caftan with a nice pair of jeans, a long maxi dress, or pyjama-style pants, and get your slay-game on.

Maxi dress/ maxi

Maxi is popular for its comfort, ability to fit different body shapes, and versatility. A good fitting maxi offers you an option to wear to any occasion, from weddings to vacations to evening outings. And it is also valuable during this period.

By adding accessories like a belt, jacket, or sneakers, you tap into the versatility of this fashion piece, with each accessory immediately making you presentable for different occasions. Its compatibility with jackets is a major asset, as each type of jacket, from denim to blazers, to biker jackets offers you unique looks from corporate to casual. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with a maxi. 

Final fashion tip: A humble and positive attitude

While all the tips mentioned above are guaranteed to add to the beauty outside, I can’t stress enough that the most important beauty that the world needs to see is that within you. Stay humble, be positive, smile more and be more loving and accommodating, not just because of this holy month, but because doing this will bring out the beauty within you, and endear you to the world.

Stay fashionable, stay kind, stay beautiful. Ramadan Kareem.

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