Fashion and confidence; How to boost your style confidence

 Fashion and confidence;

How to boost your style confidence.

The way you dress and look can have an enormous effect on your self-esteem, conduct, look, confidence, and even identity. Something as simple as how you dress or how you put together your outfit will usually go a long way to affect your self-confidence and behaviour. When you are properly dressed, you automatically feel better in your skin. You are more likely to feel good inside and perform better. You also tend to treat others better, have increased self-esteem, and radiate more energy. Here are some ways to boost your style confidence;

1. Get a full-body mirror.

A full-body mirror, not a face mirror. While a small mirror can only help access your face; a full-body mirror will help access your face much better and your entire body. This will give you the best opportunity to see how a cloth or dress fits exactly on your body. The detailing is clear, both in the front and at the back. You can foresee any wardrobe malfunctioning and take the necessary steps before it is too late. It leaves you to see exactly how you look with no assumption.

2. Tell your fashionable friends about it.

You have some friends that are a hundred percent fashion literate. Speak to them about it. Everybody has that one friend that is so crazy about fashion trends and info; they never seem to go wrong about it. Why not talk to them about it? This saves you a great deal especially if you cannot afford to hire a personal fashion stylist or go for a wardrobe audit session.

3. Go through magazines and fashion blogs.

Fashion blogs and magazines have made the work easier for you. They have done all the research that needs to be done and have collated the points for you; all you need do is to read through them. Once you find a good fashion blog whose content you have fallen in love with, why not subscribe to their blog and keep updating yourself from time to time with their fashion posts? You get to learn, unlearn, relearn and also keep learning.

4. Watch YouTube videos.

YouTube videos would be a good option for those who find it difficult to read through blogs and magazines or put those who don't love reading. We all have distinct personalities and it is fine if you prefer a video over a write up- If you prefer watching a scene to reading about that same scene, then opt for YouTube videos. Even if you cannot get 100% information on whatever topic you are searching for, at least they will shed more light on whatever it is and this will go quite a long way.

5. Choose some fashion mentors online for inspiration.

Yes, have your fashion mentors but do not go overboard with them. Remember that a lot goes into place especially with online pictures of your favourite celebrity; ranging from photoshopping to editing and all other digital stuff. So the best is to just pick the reality out of what you see. You are free to pick someone in the public eye or someone you know that shares some attributes you are self-conscious about; and also someone that has an elite style and confidence. Your style has to be about you- your personality, your figure, your colour blends, and your lifestyle. So don’t copy others. Instead, think of how you can incorporate and adapt the elements of their style into your style.

6. Be self-aware of yourself fashion-wise.

All your items shouldn't be bought on a trial-and-error basis. This can be avoided if you know about yourself very well. From your body shape to your face shape - also from your undertone to your fashion style, etc. Knowing your face shape enables you to choose the best hairstyle, eyebrow, and earrings that will perfectly suit your face. Knowing your body shape enables you to choose clothes that will perfectly suit your stature. Also, know your undertone as this enables you to know which colour will look best on you. These and other factors that make you fully aware of yourself should be thoroughly considered. It ensures that whatever you pick up to wear from your wardrobe is a perfect fit. This means that you do not have to wear over ten different attires in the morning before finally deciding which one to choose. You save time, look good whilst pumping your confidence at the same time.

7. Seek the help of a fashion stylist.

Knowing where to begin might be so confusing. If you are confused about what to do next as you experiment with various styles, it's useful to contact a professional style around your region. They help you make that customized style that will bring you the confidence you desire in your style. It is you telling the world that you like the colours you're putting on and that you adore the shape of your top. It is you telling the world that you love your skirt and your waist looks amazing in it and that you care less what people think!

8. Dispose of or repair the clothes that make you feel down.

If your closet makes you feel bad about yourself whenever you try checking out for clothes, then I think it is time you repair the ones that need repair or throw away the ones that aren't so good again. Loosen clothes that are too tight and the ones that don’t perfectly fit. Don't pity any dress, they are lifeless. Reserve your wardrobe space for pieces that make you happy and confident instead.


Dressing and putting together outfits with confidence is truly more than just following the trend or the most recent form of fashion. It is more about loving what you are wearing, looking radiant, and feeling comfortable and confident. Try any of these above tips and watch how your style confidence increases day by day!

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