Style ideas for a cold Sunday

Hi best friends, welcome to another fashion ride with me. It is really cool to have you here again. Together, let's explore outfits and fashion ideas to make your Sunday warmer.

A quick disclaimer: This is not a rigid rule and all outfits are not to be directly replicated, only if you decide to. They are all suggestions and ideas. Fashion is super flexible, so feel free to play around with other colors asides the one being suggested to you here. Pick the one(s) that will work best for you, you can even merge ideas to properly come up with that. Your Sunday fun and date with God shouldn't be disrupted because you are feeling cold, so let's jump right into some beautiful style ideas.
1. A long-sleeve gown in thick fabrics plus ankle boots.
If the dress reaches your knee-length, instead of your ankle, you can wear a knee boot instead. Boots have a special way of protecting your legs from cold. So at this, your body and legs as well are properly shielded from cold.
2. Print and pattern gown with a solid color jacket and heels.
Above is an Ankara dress, also known as the African prints, which is of course a type of print dress. A solid color dress is a dress with just a single plain color, no mix of colors. A neutral or metallic colored footwear would really be appropriate here to avoid being too matchy-matchy. A color blue shoe won't be an issue though, provided your other accessories won't be in that same color.
3. Pregnant ladies are not left outπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜… Wear your favorite gown and throw a loose cardigan on top. Protect your legs also with boots or any other footwear depending on your comfort level and balance it up with a hat. The hat and boots are actually the major highlight of this look because it shifts your outfit away from being casual.
4. Knee boots.
Here is a knee boot on a tailored blazer top and black pants. Here is a perfect monochromatic dressing. The same color but in different texture. Do you know that monochromatic dressing is really a way to go in the fashion world? Click here to read more about it. Note that this beautiful jacket covers her rear well and is also beautifully tailored to her real body stature.

5. A face cap
A tee, layered with a jacket plus a face cap. As long as it is a "not too formal jacket", like sport jacket, a bomber jacket, and the likes, you can balance it up with a face cap. Another option is to layer it up with these types of jackets and leave them open. Of a truth, anyhow you want it is absolutely beautiful. Just note that the reason why you can use a face cap on it is because it is not so much of a formal look.
6. A round neck top paired with a tailored pant and layered with a long jacket, plus a fitting bag of course. I can't even pinpoint what makes this attire my favorite, but you would agree with me that it is truly beautiful. Perhaps, it is the matching hat and jacket. Whichever element it is, this is truly a beautiful style direction to jump into.
7. A colored round neck colored top, plus a neutral colored jacket. Whether it is a short or long jacket, the main element here is the color. Neutrals are colors that work well with all other colors. They are impossible to clash. Examples of neutral colors are: black, white, grey, navy, brown (including camel, khaki, beige, etc). Navy, denim and brown are not technically neutrals, but work so well with such a high number of colors, they are considered as such in the world of fashion. Don't forget your face mask of course.
8. Suit up in skirt
Your shirt, tie, and jacket, plus a matching or well-complemented skirt. Just like you are planning for your Monday office wear.
9. Suit up in trousers.
I would prefer a nice pair of covered heels to keep your leg from cold, but sneakers isn't a bad idea too.
10. A kimono jacket
A kimono jacket might not be able to do much, but it is at least better than a bare arm dress. Most kimono jackets are made from light-weighted fabrics like chiffon and others, this might not be able to do much. You can have a customized bespoke kimono jacket for yourself that is made with thick fabrics and is also long-sleeved. In case you have that in your wardrobe, this is the best time to show it off!
11. Neck scarfs
On the practical aspect of fashion, there is no scarf specially made for the neck, any scarf of any sort can do, once it can be tied around the neck. The flexibility is something that I so much like because you can always remove and keep away whenever you begin to feel hot. I am sure you have some thick scarfs stored up in your wardrobe, get a one matching your dress, whether in solid colored or in prints, tie around your neck and you are good to go.
12. Wear your cardigan as a dress or top. Pair it up with a skirt or pants, wear your favorite matching footwear and let's go praise the Lord.

Pen down your suggestions and comments below in the comment section, it surely means a lot to me. You can however suggest a fashion and style topic you would love me to talk about too.
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