How to slay on a low budget

Do you always want to look stylish but can't afford trendy fashion items due to financial constraints? You don't need to feel bad, everybody feels that way at some point in their life, at several points, if we are being honest.
The truth is, you can still look fabulous without breaking the bank. You do not need a million bucks to look like a million bucks, and we have some well-informed tips to help you with that.
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How do you stay fashionable and stylish on a low budget?

Tip #1
Buy simple and clean designs
Clean designs are not easily noticed. They don't shout, so you can wear them more than once a week without being too obvious. Do this by combining and layering them in different ways with your other outfits.

For example, do you want to buy denim pants? Use this tip.
a) Avoid the ripped, crazy, bootcut, or boyfriend pants because they are easily noticeable.
b) Avoid denim pants with obvious complicated designs, because they make people pay attention.
Conspicuous and complex designs are too catchy and repeating this set of clothes overtime won't be easy. It is better to go for clothes with cleaner designs, which leads us to what you should do:
c) Go for a simple pair of normal jeans, and you could wear it over 3 times in a week with no one being any wiser.

Tip #2
Avoid luxury brand items
Luxury brand items, aside from being expensive, are not usually versatile. They are also known as designer items, check for examples here. Combining them with other fashion pieces can be a bit of a headache. This is because their designs aren't always clean (remember tip #1?).
When you're on a tight budget, expensive Louboutin shoes will waste away on your shoe-rack because you wouldn't be able to wear them often; designer items while worth millions, may only be able to contain your phone along with few other small items not necessarily everything you might need for the day.
Don't get us wrong, if you can afford them, go for them.
But if you want to slay on a low budget and save some money, choose versatile fashion items from the not-so-big fashion brands which will serve you well. Better still, make them for yourself.

Tip #3
Spend more on basics
Dressing stylishly comes easier when your closet is stocked with all the essential fashion items. We're talking about your black pencil skirt, LBD or little black dress, black shoes, denim jeans, and black underwear for the ladies.
Most of these basic items are traditionally available in neutral colors and they don’t usually include luxury items.
Again, back to Tip #1: An orange skirt is easier to notice than a black skirt, and you won't be able to wear it as often. The same thing applies to your little black dress.
Tip #4
Go for versatile, multipurpose pieces.
When you go shopping for fashion items, always choose pieces that you can layer, combine and wear in different ways.
A practical example would be if you're shopping for a skirt. Don't buy a skirt you can only wear in one way. You don't want that uniquely cut skirt you can wear only once. You know, the one that can only go with just one blouse in your entire wardrobe.
You want to go for a skirt you can rock with no less than 70% of the tops in your closet.
As for tops, buy the ones that you can wear alone and still rock with a jacket. Opt for shirts and blouses that look good when rolled up or down too. Multiple-ways pieces are essential here.
If you must get gowns, buy the ones you can wear alone, or tighten with a belt; something you can switch up by throwing a jacket on. That way, you get three different styles for the price of one.
We could go on but we don't want to make this writeup super long. If you would love more examples, kindly inform us in the comment section.

Tip #5
Watch DIY fashion videos
Nothing is impossible to find on the internet these days, though it usually comes as a surprise.
See, if you're a fashionista and you don't have any fashion apps on your phone, it might be stressful for you.
A recent personal experience I had with a pair of shoes proved this to me. I was so in love with this particular pair but I couldn't wear them again because they had suddenly become tight. I couldn't bring myself to put them away either so, with faint hopes, I decided to check online.
I was overwhelmed by what I saw.
In a nutshell, I did as I was instructed and I am still happily rocking my shoes.
You can learn such DIY fashion skills yourself by watching relevant videos. You may also learn how to make simple dresses, bags, or shoes for yourself. There is a limit to this though, but the videos will surely go a long way!

Tip #6
Shop wisely
When shopping for a new fashion item, ensure that you have about 3 other dresses in your wardrobe you can pair it with. Another trick is to have a guided list of what you need. Do not prepare this list the day you are to go shopping.
This is how you do it:
a) Immediately you find a fashion item that you need (or like), pen it down.
b) Keep penning it down, adding to your wish-list until you are ready to go shopping.
c) The day before you go shopping, review your list and arrange them based on necessity and then, preference. This new list is what you should take along with you to the market.

Tip #7
Avoid trends
Trends are important but, beyond the red carpets, they don't have to be emphasized in your lifestyle, especially if they are not suiting your taste.
By personal taste, we don't mean what you want, but what you need.
Body fit will always take precedence over trends, which is why it is important to know your body shape. It is best to stick to whatever gives you a better fit.
A trend should only be incorporated into your dressing when it functionally coincides with your fashion style, personal lifestyle, and body fit.
Do not buy trendy fashion items that won't fit you. Instead, buy versatile fashion items that will look good on you.

Tip #8
Stick to your color palette and style.
Your color palette is a collection of colors that look best on you. You must know these essential things about yourself: your face shape, your body shape and your style of fashion.
All these help to save money because you get to buy only the things that are perfect for you. Everything will be a hit back-to-back because you know yourself already. You know what will fit you. There won't be any more wasting of money on fashion pieces that don't look good on you.

Tip #9
Care for your clothes properly
The little you have, take proper care of, so that they will be happy with you. When they are happy with you, they won't misbehave or fade away quickly, and they will always look good on you.
If you have a fashion piece made from an Ankara material, learn how to take care of it to keep the colors popping.
If you have a pair of denim jeans, learn how to take care of it, and you will be glad you did!

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