How to look good in scarfs

The importance of scarves in the fashion world cannot be overstated. Scarves also help to prevent cold and serve religious purposes, as Christian folks tie scarves to church and Muslim sisters are usually seen wearing them; the weather is chilly right now, so you might decide to warm yourself with a scarf. However, no matter how beautiful a scarf is, once it is worn the wrong way, or with the wrong attire, the beauty indeed fades and, to avoid that, I am here to give you tips on how to look good in scarves.
If I do not, who will?
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Let me quickly clarify that scarves aren't meant for ladies only, although some of us ladies owe our lives to scarves, having used them to hide one wardrobe malfunction or the other, by either tying them around our waists or draping them across our shoulders. Still, scarves are meant as fashion articles for both guys and ladies.
Additionally, scarves aren't meant for the head only, they can be used anywhere in the body; as a head-tie or a neck-tie to prevent cold or simply for fashion, as a belt, as a wrap dress or skirt – especially at the beach or the pool – and the list goes on!

Tip Number 1

Mix patterns, prints and florals with solids!
A solid colored fabric is a fabric with just one color, while prints and patterned fabrics contain different designs, patterns and colors. Examples of these designs include vertical and horizontal stripes, polka dots, images and words. In line with this tip, a dress with prints and patterns will look great when combined with a solid colored scarf and vice versa.

Tip Number 2

Do not be too matchy-matchy!
Wearing your polka-dotted shirt with your polka-dotted outfit along with those polka-dotted shoes will not look too good, even without adding your polka-dotted scarf. So if you are wearing a dress with blue, black and red design, for example, pick a blue or black or red scarf and you are good to go! Or in this instance, you could also decide to tie a scarf that has all the listed three colors in it. But if you do that, wearing a shoe with all those three colors and even carrying a bag with all those three colors is totally wrong. Make the shoe and bag solid-colored instead!

Tip Number 3

Never forget your color wheel!
Remember that colors opposite of each other on the color wheel are complementary to each other. Rock your outfits and scarves like this too.
Complementary colors that are not in the same proportion in a outfit always look pleasing to the eyes. For example, orange and blue are complimentary colors so you can wear a orange dress and a blue scarf or vice versa. Look out for other complimentary colors and make wonders with them (a hint: red and green).

Tip Number 4

Never be too loud!
Unless being loud is exactly what you’re going for, it’s not a good idea to match that bright-eye-popping-I-can’t-look-away scarf with your most outrageously bright outfit. It will be too much. Shinning outfits like sequins shouldn't be paired with a super shinning scarf. Always match your bright scarves with more neutral colored outfits and vice versa.

Happy scarf wearing!

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