A begginner's guide to choosing the best earring for your face shape

Earrings are an easy way to enhance your natural beauty. Be careful you don’t make the mistake of wearing earrings that are “in style” but don’t really suit you. Instead go for the ones that properly fit your face, and this is totally dependent on your face shape. Click here to know your unique face shape.

1) Oval face shape.
Any length, size, shape, and positioning of earrings would look beautiful on this face shape. Pendants, studs, clips(so that you don't need a natural hole) and piercings that are usually above the ear hole are good suggestions for you.  Triangular earrings or simple studs will show off your lovely cheekbones best! The thing about studs is that they actually go with every face shape.

2) Pear/triangle face shape.

Your jawline is the widest. The best suited for you are studs and clips. Play around with different shapes and textures of studs. You can add volume to the top of the ear (ear calf) using ear clips there. Avoid adding further weight to your jawline with your earrings because they look wide naturally, they will only make it look bigger. If you must use drops and dangles, ensure they are really thin and go way below your jawline.

3) Square face shape.
Your jawline is equal to your vertical centerline which equals to your forehead line. Rounded earrings known as hoops will sit pretty on your face. You can go for bolder and thicker hoops. Any ear pendants you use should be close to the ear. Be careful that it doesn't end at the jaw, else your face looks more and more like a square. Always go for round earrings that will help you visually break the square shape.

4)Round face shape.

Try to go for square earrings to break the round visuals. Super thin and long earrings would also be nice on you. Avoid hoops and rounded earrings in general because it will allow your face look rounder. Always go for earrings that will visually help break the visually round shape of your face. Note that a round shape is different from an oval face or a long oval face shape. Narrow chandelier earrings, dangle earring, ear thread, and drop earrings would be just fine. Long hoops, dangles, and long drops earrings are my personal recommendations for you. Avoid wide chandelier earrings, hoops, wide bottom earrings, square earrings, and triangle earrings.

5) Heart shape or inverted triangle face shape.
Your forehead is the widest and any earring you will be using must shift away from the volume of your forehead and bring it to other areas of your head. Go for earrings that bring volume to the lower part of your face. You can also go for earrings that stop at the chin or jaw level. This face shape usually have a pointed chin. Long earrings that become wider at the bottom are perfect for you also, for example, a triangle earring.

6) Diamond face shape.
You have the same proportion between the top half and the lower half of your face. This is the perfect shape for huge earrings like dangles, hoops, drop earrings, statement earrings. You are free to play around with big and long earrings.

7) Long face/long Oval/oblong face shape.
For an oblong face, (like an oval face, but slightly longer and thinner), choose sparkly, round studs or button style earrings rather than long drop earrings. Your face looks long already, you don't have to make it look longer, except your hairstyle or makeup is visually breaking that visuals already, super-thin drop earring would only make it longer. If you must wear long earrings, ensure they are of circular, triangular, or other shapes as they dropdown.

So, I guess by now, you know the perfect earrings for your face shape is. Do not forget to drop a comment or ask any question bothering you before exiting here also. It is a plus to our effort. Thanks a bunch!

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