How to determine your face shape

Your face shape helps to determine so many things that will look good on you. It helps to determine which eyebrow, sunglasses, hairstyle and earrings will fit you best. There are really many other reasons why you should know your face shape. As the concept of face shape is important to fashion stylists, it is also important to makeup artists and photographers, as this helps to bring out the best of their work.
The easiest way to know what face shape you have is to pull your hair back, take an eyeliner or lip pencil, look in the mirror, and trace the outline of your face.

 Your face shape is really dependent on 2 basic factors. The different points/corners of your face and the lines that could be drawn as a result of these points.

The points includes:
1)The top center of your forehead where the hair starts.
2)The two sides where your jaw makes a corner at the level of your mouth on both sides.
3)The tip of your chin.
4)The two corners of your forehead
5)The end of your cheekbones
The lines are basically
1)The vertical center
2)The horizontal center
3)The forehead line
4)The jawline

Your face shape is determined by the proportion of these 4 lines that were as a result of those 8 points that could be picked out of your face.

As a result of this, there are basically 6 types of face shapes.

1)The Oval face shape.
The oval face shape is very harmonious to the eye because the upper part of your face is similar to the lower part of your face, hence, there is a balance. The center vertical line is larger than the centre horizontal line. Celebrities with this face shape include Blake Lively and Taylor Swift.

Long /long Oval face shape.
This is also called the long oval face. It looks like a stretched oval face and the center vertical line looks really long. A Celebrity with this face shape is Jessica Parker.

2)Square face shape.
For a square face shape, the forehead line and the jawline are of similar length. The center vertical line and the centre horizontal line are of similar shape also. Your jawline is equal to your vertical centerline which equals your forehead line. Celebrities with this face shape include Angela Jolie and Olivia Wilde.

3)Round face shape.
It is almost the same as the square shape, only that from one corner of the jaw, through the chin, to the other corner of the jaw, a perfect half-circle is seen. Celebrities with this face shape include Kirsten Dunt and Cameron Diaz.

4)Heart face shape.
The heart face shape has the forehead line larger than the jawline and usually a pointed chin. Your forehead is the widest of your face. Celebrities with this face shape include Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

5)Diamond face shape.
The diamond shape is almost like a heart shape, only that the 2 corners of the forehead appears missing, making it look like your centre horizontal line is the largest in your face. You have the same proportion between the top half and the lower half of the face. Celebrities with these include Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez.

6)Triangle or pear face shape.
Your basic feature is your jawline. Your jawline is the widest in compared to other features in your face. A celebrity with this face shape include Kelly Osborne.

So, I guess by now, you know what face shape is. Kindly check my other posts to see how your face shape can be used to determine what type of hair, sunglasses, earring will look best on you.

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