How to choose the best hairstyle for your face shape.

Ever gone into a hair salon with a photo of your favorite celebrity and demanded for that exact hairstyle, only to leave the salon wondering why that particular hairstyle looks really horrible on you? it is actually because the hairstyle you chose just don't suit your face shape. Your face shape is an important step when choosing the right hairstyle for you. It is really essential, you must always put it into consideration.

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Oval face shape.
This face shape is considered to be the best head shape for hairstyles, as it is well-balanced and evenly proportioned. When choosing the right hairstyle for your oval face, the main goal is to avoid elongating your face. Try side-part bangs, which look great on oval faces, to frame your face and achieve a balancing effect without having to cut your hair. The best hairstyles for oval faces are styles that keep your hair away from your face, exposing your balanced features. When styling an oval face shape, try to keep the face as clear as possible. Stay away from heavy fringes, as this could make your face appear shorter, and avoid hairstyles that are one length, as this could make your face appear longer. If your hair is a type that dangles down to the face, avoid centre parts then, like we said earlier on, side parts would really look great on you. A quick tip, braids would definitely make you look so angelic. 

Square face shape.
Your jawbones is quite massive, so avoid hairstyles that reach exactly where your chin is, it will only make your broad chin very visible, instead, go for shoulder-length or even longer hairs. The longer your hair, the narrower your face. Bangs/fringe with split at the side, like a half part will also help to make your very broad forehead less visible. The trick is to go for hairstyles that will visually break the square shape and make it tends towards the oval shape. Avoid overly thick bangs/fringes or blunt hairstyles as this could accentuate the angles on your face even more. Curls could also widen your face, so opt to wear your hair in either loose waves or straight waves

Round face shape.
Your main goal is to elongate the face and make it appear more oval. Short hair is particularly flattering on round faces. Try a deep side part to also create more angles to your round face, or pull your hair up into a high ponytail to elongate your face. Opt for side-swept bangs or bold bangs. Avoid Bulb hairstyles because they make your face look rounder, same as hairs that curves inwards. Curve it towards the outside instead. It looks better with layers also. Bang hairs are perfect for you, ensure that you split them in the middle, like a middle split or half part (asymmetric split) to break the circle.

Heart face shape.
Your chin is a part of your face that you might like to show, short hairstyles or chin-length hairstyles would help to make it more visible. Layers that curve inside, just like the opposite of round face is great either. If you choose to accentuate your face's heart shape, pull your hair up into a high top knot, or a high ponytail. If you would like to keep your hair longer, try a deep side part with loose waves that break at the collarbone to draw attention away from the forehead. Shoulder-length hair tends to look best, as this adds volume around the bottom of your face, creating the illusion of a wider jawline, also skip out on short bangs as these could make your chin look even narrower.

Diamond face shape
Asymmetric splits/half part would look really great on you. You should want to add volume to the top of your head by doing bangs, either with side splits or without any split at all. Opt for long, side-swept bangs to highlight your cheekbones with long layers. Try out a sleek middle part with your hair tucked behind your ears or a sleek high ponytail to show off your bone structure. Avoid heavy, rounded bangs, which shorten the face, making it look smaller than it is.

Long face
Thick full fringe bangs without any split is such a good option for you. Avoid long sleek hair without layers. The easiest way to describe a long face shape is that it's an oval face shape...only longer. The main goal for long face shapes is to make your face appear wider than it is, so as to balance out the longer length, so curls are an excellent option for you.

Note: This is not a rigid rule. It is just a guideline to show you how to make informed decisions as regards your hairstyling.

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