Fashion mistakes that makes you look older than your age

1) Wearing a loose-fitting dress from head to toe.
 Does this imply that you cannot wear loose clothings? No! but there is a rule. The rule is to either wear a loose top paired with a fitted pant/skirt or a loose pant/skirt paired with a fitted blouse - the classic rule of balance. There is surely a part of your body that you really love, why not show it off? Note that a tailored or perfectly fitted dress isn't synonymous with a super tight clothing. Go for a perfectly tailored outfit that has a good feel and fit on you. If you wear loose clothing from head to toe, you can belt it also or go for the fashionable ones, like a boubou dress and the likes.

2) Wearing a monochromatic outfit in the wrong way.
This rule actually applies to dark colors especially black. Truly, black can make you appear slimmer, and black paired in a monochromatic way, makes you appear taller, but the trick is to always add a touch of color, yes! a slight touch of color through your jewelry or accessory.
 The best color to pair with is the color complementing that particular dark color on the color wheel. Your outfit will literally pop. If your wardrobe has a lot of neutrals like black, white, beige, olive, or navy, accessorizing gives you a chance to play with fun colors and this gives your outfit a nice boost.

3) Wearing dresses that doesn't fit your present body shape.
Wearing shapes and cuts that do not fit your present body shape doesn't present your body and your overall look in a good way. At every point in time, it is best to know your body shape. Your body shape isn't constant and it keeps changing. Knowing your body shape helps you to properly identify your best features and properly accentuate them.
4) Wearing the wrong bra size.
A correct bra size would add more beauty, curve, and shape to your bust. Wearing the wrong bra size changes your posture and shape and this affects your overall look. Wearing the right cup size is also key. This ensures that part of your breast isn't popping out or undergoing too much strain.

5) Not improving your fashion sense.
Adopting some old fashion trends can be fun and intriguing while others can be a real disaster. Be careful not to go with these disastrous fashion trends. A case study is the brows. Brow drawn in the '90s were long, thin, straight-lined, and in black or green pencils. Fashion is way more than that now. Drawing those sets of brows in this present age would definitely make you look old fashioned and way older. There is absolutely no crime in rocking old fashion trends, but be careful to be on a safer side, as this can make you look older than you are.

6) Wearing too much accessory and always wanting to color match your outfit.
Over accessorizing can be a real danger. Don't be too matchy-matchy. Use the color wheel to help you come up with interesting color combinations that really compliment each other beautifully. The days of your shoes having to match your handbag perfectly are long gone. When it comes to accessories and jewelry, less is usually more. One statement jewelry piece per outfit. If your neckpiece is making a statement, put on a simple earring instead.

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  1. Nice one!

    I think ladies
    should try not to wear pattern on pattern

    1. Yes dear. It should be totally avoided if you do not know how to


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