How to look good in sequins

Do you know what sequins are? They can be easily distinguished because of their dazzling, sparkling and shining property. I am a big big big fan of dazzling and shinning fabrics, so, sequins work well for my personal fashion style. But how much sparkle is too much? 
A sequin dress can actually be worn in two ways, either by making it the only type of fabric in your dress or by layering an outfit and one piece will be sequined while the other piece would be made of another type of fabric. The aim of mixing sequins with other fabrics is to drive attention to the areas of your body where you want to show off since they are all dazzling and shinning. You majorly use their sparkly ability to help direct the eye where you want it to go. For example, the use of a shiny, sequined waistband or belt is great for emphasizing your curves and drawing attention to your waist.
A sequin dress performs two major functions. Firstly, it covers you up and this is the functional duty of clothing in general. Secondly, it’s covering you up in a glitzy, glamorous way by adding the glitz and glam factor to your look, and most times, this is actually the function of an accessory, like a necklace, or a pair of earrings, or a bracelet. So I can say, it does a work of jewelry too because of its shinning element and that piece of sequin apparel is the accessory.
A sequin dress does double-duty. 
And what that means is that you that don’t need any other piece of something sparkly. The rule is one sparkly piece per outfit, except you are the bride. Here is a condition, if sequin is the only material used in the dress, you have to stick by this. Avoid rocking another shunning outfit with it. But if you just added a bit of sequin to your dress to highlight or accentuate a particular part, other shinning pieces could be added. Here is a perfect example, if you mix your sequin with another type of fabric, and you decide to add the sequin around your neckline, then you might just skip the jewelry around your neckline but still afford to wear a glitz shoe. This should not be that case however if the sequin is added to the lower part of your dress, in that case, you can decide to skip the glitz shoe and use a jewelry instead.
If your dress is made up of only sequin fabrics and you are faced with the option to use a coat, jacket, or blazers alongside your sequin dress, never use a sequin coat, even if it was custom-made and matches your sequin gown (or suit). Go for a solid color instead.
Keep your shoes neutral. Keeping your shoes neutral doesn’t always mean neutral color. When accessorizing sequin apparel, neutral means no sequins, beads, crystals, or other bling on your shoes at all. Simple, solid-colored heels or flats work perfectly. When in doubt, throw on a simple black pair. Avoid a metallic pair that will be shine overload. Ditch the shoes with an intricate design, because they’ll contrast with your sequined dress. There is a time and place for eye-catching footwear, but it’s not when you’re already rocking a flashy sequined dress.
This applies to your bag too. Be it a clutch, a tote, a Birkin or a supermarket shopping bag, make sure it has no bling on it and is not shiny in any way. And if you’re wearing a sequin garment with a colored pattern and your bag has another pattern or color, there will surely be a clash which isn't pleasing to the human eye, so, no patterned bags too. Avoid bags with patterns in general, especially if the pattern is a monogram.
Keep your makeup subtle. Nude makeover would be a good option here. Keep your hair pretty simple. Nothing should overpower your sequin dress and that includes your makeup and hair. If your dress has a touch of sequins, and not that the dress itself is made of sequins, most of these rules can be ignored, But if what you’re wearing is a fully sequined short dress, pant, jacket or blouse then the sequins are your outfit’s main attraction. Your makeup should be as low-key as possible.
Skip the jewelry. When you’re draped in sequins, you’ve got enough bling. Skip the earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or any other sort of jewelry. Any additional sparkle will be overpowering and make your outfit look busy. The great thing about wearing a great sequined dress is that you don’t need to spend any extra time picking out your jewelry! One reason sequin is a good option for red carpets, you don't have to spend much trying to get jewelry to match your outfit. But if you just use a bit of sequin to your dress to highlight or accentuate a particular part, jewelry is allowed.
This last point will be based on my own personal taste, and I am sure this can be useful to you also. I love my sequin gown short and high-necked. It speaks a high volume of class and style. A higher neckline will help keep your short, all-over-sparkle dress on the sophisticated side of sexy. Avoid sparkle overload by finishing your look with simple, black accessories or solid colors though.

So tell me,  Do you love sequins? How often do you wear them? How much sparkle is too much? If you are a fashion designer, do you like having to style and design this type of fabric? I really want to know what you feel about them, so do well to drop them in the comment section below. You can also shop your sequins with us at an affordable discount rate. Click here to place your orders.

I am also sure you have lots of questions running in your mind already, do well to drop them at the comment section, I will surely answer them. I love reviews and suggestions too, I beg that you do not exit here without dropping yours. Till our next edition. Thanks a bunch!

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