How to identify colors that will look best on you

Have you ever wondered why Beyonce likes rocking golden outfits? Have you ever wondered why some colors look best on you, while the others make you look pale? Together, we will tackle this question in this edition. So, Let's have a fun ride together!

Skin tone versus Undertone.
Firstly, we would have to distinguish between your skin tone and your undertone.
Your skin tone is your skin color, it ranges from light to dark, chocolate and all. It has the ability to change during the different seasons of climate and also can be affected by suntan and other environmental factors. The best way to check your real skin tone is by looking at the places that can't be affected by the sun. Your laps or arms are a good example.

Your undertone is different, it isn't subjected to change. It is always constant and is not affected by external factors. Your undertone isn't seen at first sight and it ranges from cool to warm and neutral.

Why is it important to know your skin undertone?
You would have noticed that there are some particular colors you wear that people always compliment you for. Mine is black and red. Its really impossible for me to wear these colors without getting bundles of compliments from people. There are also some colors that really look pale and dull on you, thereby making you look really dull too. It's simply as a result of your undertone. The rule is, colors of dresses that match your undertone will make you look radiant, while colors that don't match your undertone will make you look pale.

It is worthy of note to state here that your skin isn't made up of just a color. It is as a result of the mixture of different tints, tones and shades of different hues. Do you know what a hue is? Click here to learn more about it.

Here are some ways to test for the color of your undertone
Check for the colors of your veins in daylight. You can stand beside the window, allowing the light to face you directly and check the inside of your wrist. Be careful not to use sunlight or any other artificial form of light. Daylight is just perfect.

If they look bluish or purplish, then your undertone is "cool".
If they look green or olive, then you are on the warm side.
It is possible that you can't pick out any color from it, then you are neutral toned. To further confirm that you are neutral toned, try out other tests.

You can also take a white paper and place it beside your neck or tie a white towel instead. Use your neck not your face because your face can tend towards red due to the action of different hormones.
If the comparison to your skin gives a pink, yellow or red contrast, then that's because you have a lot of blue undertones, and this implies that you are cool-toned.
If it looks yellowish, then you are warm-toned. If it has no real color contrast, then you might be neutral. To further confirm that you are neutral-toned, try the other tests.

Another test is to take the same quantity of silver or gold jewelry and place it beside your neck. Find out the one that pops your skin out and make it look more radiant. If silver is the best for you, then you are cool-toned but if gold works best for you, then you are warmed toned.

Now, let's analyze
You have tried the three tests, and you couldn't find anyone that suits you, then you are neutral toned. Don't feel bad, its an advantage! Any color suits the neutral-toned skin perfectly. In other words, almost all colors look best on you.

If you are cool-toned, then the cool colors will work for you. Same for when you are warm toned too, warm colors will look good on you. But it's getting tricky.
A color always has its cool and warm shade regardless of whether its a cool or warm color. Take blue for example, despite the fact that blue is a cool color, you can actually have a cool blue and a warm blue. This implies that because a color isn't tallying with your tone doesn't mean you have to stop wearing that color completely for the rest of your life. Instead, you simply look for the warm or cool shade of the color depending on what your undertone is. If you are cool-toned, wear dresses that are the cool version of the color you are wearing, and vice versa.

Bonus hint: Colours that match your eye color will certainly look good on you also.

By now, I am quite sure you know the colors best for you. Let me know them! you can do well to drop them in the comment section below.
I am also sure you have lots of questions running in your mind already, do well to drop them at the comment section, I will surely answer them. I love reviews and suggestions too, I beg that you do not exit here without dropping yours. Till our next edition. Thanks a bunch!

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