You want your perfume to last long after use...

Moisturize first!

Did you know that perfumes last longer on oily skin? Yes, it does! So if you have a dry skin, moisturize first. During dry season, moisturize first. Moisturize with a moisturizer that perfectly matches your perfume, preferably the same brand.

Aim for your pulse points!
The blood is closer to the surface at those points and this warms the skin. That warmth helps in propelling the fragrance into the air.
Be careful to just choose a couple of points because you don't want to overdo it. Remember, your fragrance should be discovered, not announced😚

Don't rub your perfume together after spraying!
It bruises the molecules and changes the way the scent smells. Instead, gently press your wrist together to transfer fragrance. I advise you even totally avoid this action.

Don't overdo it!
Excessive use can end up purging others around you. Fragrance can choke, and you do not wanna get the opposite reaction of the main reason why you are using the perfume in the first instance. The strength actually depends on the type of perfume you are using though, whether its a Parfum, EDP, EDT, EDC, EDF, body mist, or aftershave.

   Introduce your perfume into your hair, but do not spray directly into it. The alcoholic content can dry your hair all around, which is not advisable and can cause damage to your hair.
Spray into your comb or brush first to let the alcohol evaporate, then comb or brush your hair with it to get the benefit of the fragrance on your hair without damaging it.
You can also choose to use hair perfumes, specifically made for the hair.

Store correctly!
A perfume can turn sour and smell bad if not stored correctly. Yes. Store in a cool, dry, dark place. Emphasis on "DARK".
Heat, light, and humidity weakens your fragrance. Do not store in the bathroom or beside your window.

Take your fragrance with you!
This is usually very important especially with perfumes which are a product of Natural Perfumery. There are ways to store and take your fragrance with you without necessarily having to carry the whole bottle with you. There are also portable spray containers that can be with you all through the day without feeling overburdened with load.

   Do not overstore your perfume!
Say for months after production actually allows proper mixing of the constituents. It reaches its threshold and further storage weakens it. Use your perfume and don't be stingy to store it for too long. It has the tendency to lose its scent and fragrance

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